Differentiate between Asian and European betting[/b]
This is a question we are asked frequently, people might understand one of the free soccer tips but not how Asian and European handicaps relate to each other.
In this post I want lớn explain the main differences between Asian and European Handicaps.

I will talk about each one in turn.
The first thing lớn know is this is a bet that is offered when one team is the clear favourite – Think Brazil vs your local old boys team! The handicap gives a small advantage lớn the underdog. For example, there may be a one goal head start given to the underdog.
Asian Handicaps[/b]
The best way lớn try and describe this is with an example, but first it is important to know that draws get refunded when you are doing Asian Handicapping;
Imagine United vs. City and the handicap is City + 2.5
This means that in order for a bet with City lớn lose, United would need to score 3 goals against them.
So if the match ended United 2-0 City and you bet on a City win, you would win because City were going into the bet with a hai.5 goal advantage- According lớn the soccer predictions pages!
For a slightly more complicated example I am going to introduce what are known as two way handicaps.

Imagine United vs. City and you get the handicap: City +1.0, +1.5
This means that half of your bet goes on City lớn win, draw, or lose by less than 1 goal; and half on City to win, draw, or lose by less than 1.5 goals.
If the final score is United 1-0 City, half your bet would be refunded due to draw (United 1 – +1 City) and the second half would win (United 1 – +1.5 City).
European Handicaps[/b]
If you have grasped Asian Handicapping then European Handicaps are easier! European Handicaps are the same as Asian Handicapping but a draw is possible.
So if you bet on United and they are at -2 and they win 2-0, that would be a draw and you would lose your money. (In Asian Handicaps you would get your money back)
Summing up the difference between Asian and European handicaps[/b]
If you draw with Asian handicapping, you win. If you draw with European handicapping, you lose.
Make sense?[/b]
Hopefully that clears things up for you, but if not please do let us know and we will try and explain it a different way. Why not take a look at some of our daily tips and maybe your bookmaker of choice will be offering either Asian or European handicapping.