Graeme Le Saux: Liverpool have what it takes to go all the way[/b]
Betfair Ambassador Graeme Le Saux salutes Liverpool's progress, and thrilling style of soccer under tip, under Jurgen Klopp and discusses their chances of beating Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

Liverpool can go all the way[/b]
Liverpool are playing with a fantastic 'organised chaos' style. There is a structure but it's just so free flowing, frantic and uncertain and makes for an amazing viewing experience for fans. I think Liverpool and Manchester City have been the form teams of the Champions League and I always thought whoever won their quarter final would go on and win the title and I still believe that. Real Madrid may go in as favourites, but I think Liverpool can and will do it. You can refer to the soccer tip forum page!
Of course, that's a huge call as Real Madrid have the ability lớn win matches even if they don't always look convincing and they are capable of just capitalising on the opposition's mistakes and also riding their own luck. And of course, there's the Ronaldo factor. Even if he doesn't get on the score sheet he just draws so many players, leaving space for everyone else which makes him doubly threatening in every game.

Expect a goal-fest[/b]
I don't think though that Liverpool's tactics or the way they approach the game will change. It's just not their philosophy lớn change their system just lớn protect their goal and it's not something I've ever seen them do under Klopp.
I'm certain they won't change a thing and for fans that could be fantastic as I think both teams are very similar in style and it could end up being a nine-goal game - perhaps an exaggeration but I do think we will see lots of great goals.

I think they have almost identical strengths and weaknesses which has seen both do well in the Champions League but not so much in their domestic leagues, through perhaps a lack of consistency. I think the only reason Real Madrid will go in as favourites is because they have the experience of these huge finals and knowledge of winning big competitions, something this Liverpool team doesn't.