Prioritize the tournament when the coronavirus crisis ends[/b]
Soccer Saturday pundit Charlie Nicholas tells us finishing the domestic leagues is the priority once the coronavirus crisis is over- According to the free soccer tips page!

How should the Premier League play out once they’re allowed lớn resume?[/b]
I think the Premier League becomes priority above all. UEFA had lớn cancel Euro 2020, which may not have been common sense, but the international scene is not as strong as it used lớn be, so it can be delayed. Football is a wonderful habit - when they need it, it is there for them.
The racism and homophobia is something which people do not like in football, but when there is more hurt, for example Liverpool and Hillsborough, the Munich disaster, there are so many more ingredients that say life becomes more important than the game of soccer tips of the day
The most important thing is finishing the domestic competitions - the FA Cup can wait, but each of the clubs need lớn see where they can go, whether that be league champions, play-offs or relegation.
We have no clue on the timeframe, but it could be ready for May or June. There are different shifts involved with clubs coming back, but whenever we are ready, the only priority I see is getting the league campaign finished.
Could we play behind closed doors? By the time this concludes, you are hoping that the health of people is not at risk, but you have lớn take into account their friends and families too.
All domestic leagues need finishing and wrapping up. If we play through the summer, we have to do that. Nobody has a magic wand that can tell you when the game of football will start again. Until then, we have to be supportive of the people fighting the virus.
Opinions will be different with the idea of nulling and voiding the season. We wait until the health of the public is positive and back where it needs to be, so fans can come and watch, before bringing down a conclusion on another magical Premier League campaign.

Do we need lớn complete this season before we can start the next one?[/b]
Yes. If that means a delay, then so be it. We are trying lớn fantasise about this. If they take a hit on the Carabao Cup next season, then that is OK too. The FA Cup comes later down the line so that could take a hit, but the issue would be with the non-league sides there, which is not ideal.
We are transfixed on a calendar agenda, the whole essence of the fixtures for next season being played at the usual times in August, but that can changem football fixtures change all the time and football can change in a more diverse way.
Football is a true entertainment business, but this is for the people. It is the fans of the clubs involved in the big events of the campaign who want the answers to the end of the season.
Something great could still happen here. Norwich could stay up, while Wolves and Sheffield United are fighting for European football. All the conversations will always be about the league. This gets the privilege - get it finished with the fans in the stadiums.
Whenever it is completed, whether it is in August or September, we get it completed and finished, and then we move on.