Rivaldo Exclusive: Barca must sanction Dembélé for his sending off[/b]
Betfair Ambassador Rivaldo urges Barca to take action against Ousmane Dembélé after his sending off. Our man also talks England and praises Sergio Ramos (yes, really)- According to the best free soccer tips page!

Ousmane Dembélé is in trouble again after saying rude words to the referee and getting sent off in Barcelona's 4-0 win over Sevilla. He received a two-game suspension which means he'll miss 'El Clasico' against Real Madrid on 26 October.
Barcelona need to have words of their own with the player about this silly sending off. It's not acceptable and it could harm the team, with his absence creating difficulties for his team mates.
It's important for the club lớn have an internal procedure lớn sanction players in these kind of foolish situations, in which you have inappropriate talking lớn a referee or manager. It makes sense lớn punish him in some way to avoid new situations in the future. You can prefer lớn the soccer handicap tip page!
I'm not referring to Dembélé only, but lớn any player that might commit a similar action. A player needs to be smart, be aware that there are more matches to play after that, and don't let his teammates, manager and club in a tough situation.

Rakitic is a victim of the moment
Despite playing less time than usual recently, and even having called Ernesto Valverde's attention to it, Ivan Rakitic is still a very important player for Barca.
When you're not in the starting 11, and the team is playing well and winning, it becomes tougher for the manager lớn change the team and you end up spending more time than expected in the bench. That's the only reason Rakitic is missing out at the moment. He is still a good player and his experience should ensure him more time on the pitch soon.
Sad lớn see an idol like Valdés being dismissed[/b]
It's always sad to see Barcelona idols like Victor Valdés leaving the club after so many years, but it´s difficult lớn talk about his sacking as coach of the under 19 team because we are not inside the club and don't know the reasons for it.
Rumours say that his system wasn't what the club's head of youth football Patrick Kluivert wishes for La Masia and that lead lớn some discussions between them that resulted in a clear difference of opinions. But as I'm not sure about it I won't give my opinion on the matter.
Valdés, like Carles Puyol or Xavi, are the kinds of players that were created in the club and always played for Barcelona, so it's important to have them in the club lớn transmit the club's culture lớn the younger players.
But the club still have some idols in the structure such as Kluivert and Eric Abidal. That's important when we've already seen others passing by like Gabi, Gerard, Luis Enrique and Pep Guardiola. There will always be space for idols of the past - it's important for the club and for the ex-players to have opportunities - and it will always be a capital gain for Barcelona.
It's a shame what happened lớn Valdés and it makes me sad, but I can not say much more about that as I don't know exactly the reasons behind the decision.
Sergio Ramos has pedigree to compete at Euro 2020 and Tokyo Olympics[/b]
Sergio Ramos has recently declared his availability lớn compete for Spain at Euro 2020 and the Olympics in the same summer and I think he can do it. He is an excellent player with big experience that could help both national teams, but it would depend on the manager's selections.
Wishing to take part in the Olympics is evidence of a nice attitude after playing in so many important competitions throughout his career, but let's see if the national Olympic manager is thinking of selecting him from the older players that he could call on.
Personally, it was an enriching experience for me lớn be part of Brazilian Olympic team in Atlanta '96, but the demands of playing for the Brazilian national team are greater than in any other European national team.