Coworking space in Danang
A beautiful workplace is not only the staff's pride and joy but also the wellspring of creativity, passion and greater productivity. Also, a professional office may leave a long-lasting impression in a customer's memory, which in turn proves beneficial to the company's brand image.

With that in mind, IOT SPACE was founded. We wish to bring you a whole new level of experience called "virtual office", a familiar term with people in the field.

Worry not, Startups! With office solutions from IOT SPACE, renting a large office with low budget is now an appealing and viable option!

1. Where is IOT SPACE?

IOT SPACE is beautifully situated at 63 Phan Dang Luu, Hai Chau and surrounded by a multitude of colleges, universities and office buildings. It looks as if this lovely spot is invigorated by the dynamic, youthful atmosphere. Therefore, by renting this amazing workspace, you can potentially bolster your workforce with talented young people.

2. What benefits can tenants receive?

IOT SPACE does not only offer an attractive place to work in but also amenities and comforts. You do not have to worry about expenses incurred when using our services. Each of our offices for rent can accommodate more than 10 people with only 7,600,000 vnd/month. This price already includes utility bills (cable, cell, electricity, water, fax machine, etc.), locker & security service, meeting room fees, free drinking water and coffee for 8-10 people per day. Just focus on boosting your productivity. Other things? We can handle them all if you use our coworking instead of other office rental in Danang

Additionally, IOT SPACE also offers special promotional packages for college students who want to experience the space best suited for work and study. With only 35,000 vnd, young people can immerse themselves in books along with the alluring flavor of our coffee, free of charge, of course.

IOT SPACE is not just a shared office in Danang worth dreaming of , it has the potential to be the birthplace of the most innovative ideas and products.

By having a professional workplace, companies or startups could gain more confidence, especially when working with customers or even competitors.

Stop hesitating and contact us for further consultation!